About clapiel

Clapiel is a Plant Science
Skincare Brand

We believe in the power of plants passed down from the ancient times.We advance into the future using the knowledge of science that emerged from the power of the past.



Filled with the warm wind and scent of Jiju Island

The extracts of tangerines, rape flowers, and tangerine peel from Jeju Island are full of antioxidants called vitamin c and flavonoids. The substances improve skin tone bright and lively and help to calm the skin faster. It protects the skin from aging and helps antioxidants with the vitality of Jeju, which bears fruits in cold winter.



God-given superfoods grown from ancient Incas, Skincare Starts With Grain's Mother 'Quinoa

The morning of the ancient Inca Empire that began under the golden sun that would have been like now. It contains a fresh natural scent that reminds you of the scenery full of relaxation and abundance.



In the tropical Egyptian soil of hot sunshine flowers dedicated to the growing god

Hibiscus contains high amounts of vitamin C and antiox idants called anthocyanin, which improve skin tone brig ht and lively and help skin recovery. It also rejuvenates skin energy and is effective in calming and protecting t he skin.


Signature Scent of Clapiel

Drowzy Drizzle

Our signature scent is inspired by the afternoon terrace after a rain shower. The scent captures the softness of a late afternoon after a rain rather than the intense image of roses.


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